07 June 2015


Writing keeps me sane if only to sort the crazy in my head. I guess this blog is my long, black leather couch of sorts, except without the loose change between the cracks and $200 shrink bill.

Today was an odd day. Sleeping in. Swimming in the afternoon. Out in the sun. No textbooks to be seen. Me and my sunblock. I avoid hot, hot weather because I turn into a sweaty, whiny baby. I'd rather study in my little backyard or at a library desk under AC. You'd think I was born in Quebec. But swimming? This season makes me regret winter pounds and too many drinks. I have a new swimsuit but God, pasta is not your sodding friend. Ever. No chance laying out in peace and quiet with every family in a 50 mile radius showing up to swim. You get the picture.

It took 2 hours getting this blog set up and need to sleep now. Swimming makes me tired.

Ciao xx